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What is Macrodesign?

It is our method: to guide your business to leadership with a great leap towards result and effectiveness.

It is not a linear process. It is a structured and logical format to organize actions and it demands a lot of information, creativity, cross-linking data and field work.

It allows us to work with a great variety of customers and partners in different market areas: from breast milk packing to truck bodies; from opportunity identification to implementation. It is our tool to transform ideas into business.

Understand the Macrodesign steps



Initial step of macro design in which we verify the goals, targets and the work potential. The customer’s briefing receives knowledge inputs from our team to be polished and deeply supplemented. We define the work scope and then we trace the necessary steps by determining a schedule that is aligned to expectations and deadlines.

For every customer, a different process considering various tools.



The step of project horizon expanding and verification of all variables that might affect the expected result and creation. Growth, size and market share are crossed linked with micro and macro trends.

Information that seems random is gathered, but with a close look they connect suitably and sometimes unexpectedly.



We never outsource a research. That’s a top rule. Seeing the consumption moves with a design sight allows us valuable connections and innovative solutions.

Qualitative research supplemented with a structured field work looking forward to presence and expansion of our customer. Future overview and how our design solutions are able to change our behavior and generate a chain of products, services and related brands.



We start our path through creation and that’s where our core business is kept. Thus, we consider this step a crucial one in the work schedule.By starting up our first sketches and concepts we have an ample play list and comprehensive vision field with information to begin the creation.

That’s when our team materializes the links generated through research and transforming them into products, brands, spaces and tangible responses and aligning the job towards performance.



The higher the innovation levels the higher the risk of the project.

That’s why it is indispensable the use of tools and techniques that help to measure project acceptance long before the launch. Use of technology and analytic tools to see, hear and interact with those people involved in the project from the shop floor to the final user.



Communication channel relevance analysis in order to obtain a perfect connection strategy with the target public. Alignment and project promotion in specific channels.

Turn complex information into simple solutions and generating memorable connections.